Once upon a time music was a form of art. Now it is not.
The prevailing practice of music is inconsistant with the original definition of art.
Somewhere along the line musicians failed and the meaning of music was forgotten.
A culture of confusion continued through centuries of political persecution and war.
Demographic disenfranchisement widened the gap between ignorance and understanding.
Eventually the dicotomy between true art and conventional music will be diametrically opposed.
We will pass the point of no return and music will become a lost art.

How could this happen in a so-called civilized society?
Only a true musician can recognize the looming demise of this precious treasure.
Few acknowledge the paradox exists, and even fewer realize the inevitable consequences of such a fate.
The art of music is the keystone of creative culture and the crowning glory of our collective consciousness.
It is a vital part of our lives without which we would soon perish.

Aesthetic expression is the birthright of every individual and musical talent is a natural gift we all share.
The technical skill to create it however, does not come naturally and must be aquired.
Furthermore, in order to maximize its full potential one must master a musical instrument.
All musicians who master the instrument have an equal chance of achieving greatness.
But most musicians mistake mastery for mere competence and get lost in a sea of mediocrity.

Our forefathers understood the importance of physical training and had the fortitude to follow through.
In those days life was hard, but music was exilerating and it inspired them to practice incessantly.
Then subsequent generations gradually shirked their work more with each passing decade.
By the end of the 20th century the average practice rate dropped by more than 30%.
The current trajectory shows an alarming trend of decent and signals a wake-up call for action.

But the call will fall on deaf ears as the comforts of modernity belies the need for hard work.
The proliferation of low-cost, high-tech digital electronics is engendering a passive push-button society.
And fully automatic plug-and-play instant song machines have saturated the market with substandard kitsch.
As a result true music is being bred out of our culture while no one seems to notice — or care.
If we continue on this path it may soon be too late to reverse course and rescue the art.

As guardians of that trust musicians bare sole responsibility for the state of the art.
It is incumbant upon us to provide the nurturing required to ensure long term sustainabilty.
Because a real musician would never neglect their moral obligation to safeguard the future of humanity.
And no one else can do what only we must do to save ourselves and the world.
In retrospect we know our predessessors abandoned their craft and betrayed us by breaking the legacy of lineage.
Understanding these anthropological origins help us in the search for a solution.


The Musicianhood is the last surviving vestige of true musicianship.
It is deeply rooted in the forbidden knowledge of the mystery schools.
Our geneology descended from a pure priomordial strain to produce pedegree thoroughbred virtuosos today.
Our ancestral roots trace back to antiquity when pagan myths controlled the mind and tribal wars ruled the land.
Most music was confined to cloistered cathedrals and the closed-door courts of kings.
The social status of musicians was on the level of court jester, with no other merit artistic or otherwise
Their repertoires were restricted to the published works of aritocracy.
Ostentatious displays of extreme creativity were rife with hazards.
Authoritarian empires scorned upon independent art for its capacity to inspire revolt.
Musicians who dared play original material were banished into exile or executed.
Meanwhile a silent crusade carried on.

As time passed false profits spread the corrupted art far and wide disguised as a legitimate school of thought.
The active artistic ingredient was systematically removed, and music was re-engineered into a machine of commerce.
It was custom designed for massive socio-economic exploitation.
Profiteering robber barons milked the market and bilked the artist like blood-sucking vampires.
And music business executives today still carry out this evil tradition in ritualistic fashion.
Few even know that they are the new Music Industrial Establishment.
The more things changed, the more they stayed the same.
But now they keep getting allot worse.

Psuedo music entered the lexicon and true musicians were ostracized from society
Fake musicians proliferated and reproduction of the old standards became the norm.
They felt safe playing socially validated music and feared rejection of their own original work.
The popularity of artificial music grew so rapidly because anyone could pretend to be a musician by faking it.
The fantacy of being an artist filled the minds of the masses with delusions of granduer.
Marketers exploited the weekness and musicians relinquished their creative power.
They forsook artistic creation and succumed to the force of their destruction.
It takes strength and courage to be true to yourself as an original artist.
Only cowards hide behind the security of someone else's creation.
Fake musicians make a mockery of the art.


Against this backdrop of terror and despair a scattered line of music purists managed to survive.
Nameless but famous — known only as the Chosen Few, Keepers of the Faith.
The Chosen Few chose to shroud their identity in the shadows of society — a secret society.
So secret in fact that even its members didn't know they were in it.
The work was treacherous and life was short, so secrecy was imperative.
For that was a period of history fraught with aweful pitfalls for all freelance artists
Legend has it that it was they who saved the art from extinction in Europe during the 14th century.
And it is they who we must honor today by instigating a revival of the original rights of free creativity.
Unlike musicianaries of the past, the new masters of today are not so easily hidden.
True musicianship is not a popularity contest, it's about creating great music.
The Chosen Few are a rare breed of original artistic elites.