The Musicianhood is the genuine original full-fledged internationally acknowledged art guild founded from a need to re-establish reliable criteria and principles for high level musicianship which may serve as a stronghold against self-deception, egotism, charlatanism, and hypocrisy.
Establishing high standards of ethics and quality to a worldwide growing membership and developing a reputation as the truest music school in the world.

It offers systematic training in ritual musicianship and the Music Mysteries.
It provides comprehensive training for beginners, and facilitates access to the deeper levels of music for advanced students. It recognises the 1st Order of Hermetic Musicianship as its root and spiritual ancestry.

Musicianhood members are music missionaries -- Musicianaries.
Our first and foremost mission is to further the cause of original musicianship.
We must stop the onslaught of imitation and reclaim the art of music by creating it anew.
The righteous ideals of truth and justice give us the moral authority to assert our task force of talent
Our souls are pure and the goal is clear as we spearhead the avant gard of this great cultural crusade.
Armed with courage and hope against fear and despair we battle the fakes who are the foe.
With the zeel of our will and the art in our hearts we shall save the soul of humanity.

The Musicianhood is implicitly devoted to the restoration of music as a form of art.
Our earnest efforts with alternative training systems and advanced research studies are mission critical.
In the never-ending unrelenting pursuit of professionalism.
To that end we concecrate our quest for the redemption of musicianship
And to the salvation of art everlasting.


Legislative Agenda:

Prohibit unoriginal musical performances.

Outlaw the teaching of unoriginal music in public and private educational institutions.

Ban substandard music and destroy substandard recorded music media.

Burn all existing fake books and sheet music.

Enact stringent laws against tribute bands and celebrity impersonators.

Pass appropriations bill to fund the formation of a music police force to stop the fakes.

Commission a special tribunal to hunt down and punish conservatory teachers for musical crimes against humanity.

Ratify constitutional amendment
to mandate creative freedom.