The Musicianhood announces the start of the 2018 Ultimate Championship Challenge!
Virtuosos from around the world battle in the most prestigious creative competition ever assembled.
The best musicians alive compete for the top honor of original artist of the year.
At the end only one will wear the crown of the Ultimate Champion.

Send an audio or video sample of your best musicianship.
Contestants will be judged based on the mastery of their instrument.
Production quality and image are not important. Original creativity and technical chops are all that matters.
File Formats and Specifications:
Maximum file size- 20 MB. Total duration- 30 seconds max.
Audio files- .WAV, .MP3, .AIFF
Video files- .MOV, .AVI, .MP4

By decree of the Grand Inquisitor and the High Tribunal of Arbiters
The Musicianhood Criminal Court hereby declares open season on artificial musicianship.
Fakes and fraudsters shall be charged with musical murder.
Co-conspirators shall be charged with 2nd degree jamslaughter.
Judgment day cometh and justice will be served.
Report all offenders to the Music Police now.
Stop the noise and save the art of music.
Make the fakes pay!

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