Musicianhood membership is a prestigious honor that carries with it an air of class and distinction.
The ceremonial elegance and splendor alone makes your status elite and earns you the title of a True Musician.

It elevates members to a mystical state in the Realm of Reality, The Kingdom of Creativity where true musicianship reigns supreme.
You get open access to the source of all truth and wisdom, and a generous endowment of unbounded talent from the Origin of Art.

Contact The Musicianhood to discuss membership options and pick a plan that's right for you.
The time has come for true musicians to assert their original artistic creativity.
You too can be one of the new Chosen Few. All it takes is money.
So join now — if you dare.

All members swear to uphold the governing laws of true musicianship:

-- Artistic Integrity --
Members shall abide by the dictates of true art and create orginal music only.

-- Accomplishment --
Members shall sustain a steady course toward advancing perfection and progressive mastery.

--Advocation --
Members shall support and defend the Musicianhood to champion the cause of true musicianship.


The Will To Do

Level 1 introduces early initiates to the rites and ritals of the Musicianhood which provides training and support for the mission and rewards them with all the respect they deserve but was denied by jealous rivals. It also gives them a host of exclusive rights and priveledges that are the envy of the industry.

The Labour of Love

Level 2 Musicianhood provides production and marketing support that upgrades members' stature offering an exquisite array of vocational venerations, plus an extra-special value pack of priceless professional perks. Big bonus boosts are awarded periodically as memebers rise in rank to thevery top of the Ruby level.

The Gift of Wisdom

Level 3 is the most distinquished plan endowing members with regal status joining the prestigious Circle of Elder Sages — the virtuoso artiste extraordinaire — who have attained absolutely undisputable mastery of the craft —and then some. Setting and exceeding the standards ofmajestic musicianship.

Color: Blue
Stone: Saphire
Action: The Will To Do
Level 1 members must practice the requisite amount to achieve at least rudimentary physical mastery and creative skill.
Increasing talent and technique while composing the minimm of 25 songs and recording one CD.
The speed of advancement is in proportion to the amount of efficiently focused practice and production time.
The Musicianhood shall provide the training and consultation support needed.
The limit of mastery in Level 1 will determine the rank of weekness in Level 2.

New recruits must subscribe to the Muicianhood Code of Conduct and demonstrate full compliance for the duration of their membership.


Color: Red
Stone: Ruby
Action: The Labour of Love

Level 2 members must advance to maximum mastery status in the minimum of time.
Compose1000 songs, do 100 live shows, and record 10 CDs and 2 DVD videos.
The Musicianhood shall provide the training, consultation and marketing support needed.
The quality and quantity of original music created and produced determine the rank for entry into Level 3.

Prerequisite: Code of Conduct compliance verification. Fulfillment of Level 1, or equivalent qualifications.


Color: Yellow
Stone: Gold
Action: The Gift Of Wisdom
Level 3 members are the Grand Wizards who push the frontiers of mastery ever-upward.
They  generate creation and increase the virtuoso rate of the greatness that defines the state of the art.
The status of their genius is measured by the power it inspires.
Prerequisite: Fulfillment of Level 2, or equivelent qualifications. Entry is determined by the status of mastery in level 2